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Our Story

Helen and Daniela Boleto

Camomile london believes in simple, functional, beautiful spaces. Creating a calm and inviting environment for rest, play and modern living, with uncompromised quality and detail.

We believe that a seamless thread of style can run effortlessly throughout the whole home. From a child's playful room, to a grown ups sanctuary, camomile is designed to be at the heart of the home.

The London based brand was created by Mother and daughter design team Helen and Daniela Boleto, who to date, individually and collectively have enjoyed well-established careers in fashion.

Camomile London was born out of their combined vision, experience, passion and creative intuition.

Taking inspiration from all around they embraced the style and simplicity of modern living, the delicate touches of vintage inspired prints and charm of handmade craftsmanship.

What started as a children's bedding collection it has now grown for the whole family.

Our distinctive colour palettes sit along side classic checks, stripes and patterns. Layered with our delicate prints to create Camomiles unique signature style and collection of home furnishings.

We work with skilled artisans in India for all our hand quilted and embroidered items. Working with communities who champion these treasured age old techniques which we so desperately want to cling onto in this modern mass market world. 

Camomile products are designed to be cherished items that last the test of time. We don't believe in throw away fashion and strive to work as a minimal waste company. We only work with fair trade, equality driven and environmentally friendly makers that share the same ethos as ourselves.


 camomile london office